The Felix Platform is built by brokers for brokers.

We’re insurance industry insiders with deep UAE insurance expertise and now we’re putting this know-how to work for you.

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Automate time-consuming back office insurance workflows so your team can focus on selling instead.

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Take your brokerage online with best-in-class insurance ecommerce solutions tailored for the Middle East.

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Spend less on expensive custom software solutions and more on customer acquisition.


Our team has over a decade of experience in the UAE insurance brokerage industry.

Quoting, insurance company portals, managing customer data… we know what challenges you face, day in day out, and we’re here to help you solve them.

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Our technology is built on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and we’ve put data security & encryption at the heart of our architecture.

Your data is important so each company’s data in Felix is stored in a separate database.



We know how important great customer support is in the insurance industry and the same is true in software.

Our team is here to ensure you get the best possible experience out of Felix, giving you support how you need it, when you need it.

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